My Experience at Singhu Border

To the one’s in power, to the one’s who feel arrogance is the answer to dissent and don’t hesitate a bit to discredit the protestors. I went to the Singhu border and felt safer than I feel in public transport and I don’t know if the ‘Ugrawadi’s’ is supposed to make you feel safe. On the 15th day of the Farmer’s protest at Singhu Border, the air felt fresh, filled with compassion and determination to take what they want, to take what they deserve.

We crossed the barricade to find hundreds of protestors standing in groups at every nook and corner holding flags and placards. We proceeded to talk to some of the young protester standing on the other side of the road holding placards with Kangana’s photo. On talking to them I realised this is not only about them being unhappy with the new farm bills but the sheer arrogance and ignorance of the current regime towards the farmers.

Crossing another set of barricades, we reached the main shed, where the sit-in protest is happening. The sunlight passing through the shed brightening the Pandal makes you experience what resilience feels like. From an 8-year-old kid sipping on his chaa and papeh to a 72-year-old baba ji eating the samosa, you will find everyone there with nothing but optimism and perseverance. On asking how long they plan to stay the 63-year-old farmer sitting in his trolly simply replied ‘Jawanga te gall pakki karke’.

Moving forward there’s another shed and an old man with his lilac turban is stirring Chaa when you go and talk to him, he will ask you to speak a bit louder but he will reply with a soothing voice. The only word that came to me after talking to him was ‘Sundar’. There are several such sheds offering tea, milk, food, medicines, basically everything that you might need there.

The entire region has been divided into two parts with police and other arm forces in the middle with barricades and their vehicles. You can find people from Haryana, Punjab, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and other states. The determination in itself is moving. They are not afraid; they are not ashamed because they know what they are asking for is justified. They are not bothered by what the media is showing because they know people trust them. As one of the farmers said ‘We will sit till 2024’. They are not afraid of your blatant bigotry and capitalist beliefs; they are here to take what is theirs. To the media who have already sold their souls- your lies don’t affect them, you can keep running your agenda but the truth will remain the same.

Journalism Student trying to makes sense of the world and share experiences via words